Documenting Creativity: Newcastle's Creative Industry


Blog page for recording the process of creating a professional documentary on the creative industry in Newcastle.

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Documentary Proposal & Pitch


Documenting Creativity: Newcastle's Creative Industry

Type of Project: 

  • Observational - Aim to discover the truth behind creatives and their works.

  • Interview - Follow subject's stories, views, and lives.

Production Team:

Director: Justin Becker

Assistant Director: Isobel Maclean

Editor: Zafreen Sultana


7-15 minutes

Delivery & Format:

The film will be showcased in the Newcastle University House after completion to fellow students and the community. The film will also be submitted to numerous local and national film festivals. Festivals including, Sydney Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Flickerfest, Brisbane International Film Festival, Byron Bay Film Festival, Festival X, and more. 

Target Audience: 

The film will be targeted at young mature adults ranged between 25-34 with an understanding of the creative industry and an interest in the creative arts produced around the area.

What is the Main Subject:

The documentary will make the creative industry its main subject. It hopes to unravel how broad the creative industry truly is and how many individuals work collaboratively to produce, promote and gain an income. In doing so, the documentary will have smaller subjects, the individual creators and creatives in the industry, interviewed and showcasing their works. This will give local artists the platform to demonstrate their professions onto the screen for a wider audience.

Purpose of Project:

The aim of this documentary is to highlight and bring forth the amazing individuals and groups which work in the Hunter Regions Creative Industry. An industry that has seen a lot of growth over the past years. This will put Newcastle on the international and national map for world-class creatives and innovators. Allowing for each sector of the creative industry to have their time to shine in an episode approach. Furthermore, this displays their role and effect on the Australian economy, society, culture and environment. 


The film will contain both videos and photos produced in Newcastle and the Hunter Region. This included; creative works, the creators of those works, and quick interviews with the creators. The creatives interviewed will have the opportunity to discuss their visions, beliefs, and more regarding their work and the workaround them related to the creative industry. Newcastle offers a great range of creative works for the documentary to display. From buildings architecture,  unique artworks, advanced graphic designs, breaking edge VR and Film technology, establishing fashion companies, and more. The film will dive into the great works of Newcastle. Visually, the viewers will get to see iconic Newcastle and the Hunter Region scenery, to establish the location of the documentary. These scenic videos and images will be met with a narrative interview talk over. 

Intended Stylistic Approach: 

The Creative Industry grows every year. More individuals find their works to be falling under the label of 'Creative Works'. Therefore, this film aims to unravel and debunk any misunderstandings or stigmas around the concept. This will be done through camera visuals, sounds, and a unique approach to editing. The camera footage captured will include the creative subjects and their works. Also, a little extra footage showcasing how large the term 'creative works' is. The sound of the film will give a sense of optimism or growth to accompany the visual aspects. This will include real sounds of artists and creatives while they create their works. This can be done with upbeat, motivating music scores, and capturing recognizable sounds that blend well with the visuals. The film will be edited to truly highlight the beautiful creative works and their creator's connection between them. Using bright and vibrant colors to do so. It will focus on moments artists found themselves at break or make comments. Where they truly found their drive and purposes.